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Desir's Family Foundation

History of the Desir Family Foundation

History of the Desir Family Foundation


Jude Desir, the sixth child of Antius and Corina Desir, entered the United States in 1993, where all the other members of his family were living. He was very surprised to find out that members of extended Desir family did not know each other. Several second-cousins of the family did not know if they were related. So, he was thinking of a way to keep the members of his immediate and extended family members to stay connected. Holding a family reunion every year came to his mind. Assisted by his sister-in-law, Ilda Desir, and his niece, Kerlande Louima, Jude planned and organized the first Desir Family reunion on June 28, 2003, at Quiet Water Park, Deerfield, Florida. Forty-seven persons attended that first meeting. A few years later we found the “Desir Family Foundation.”

Goals of the Desir Family Foundation


 The Desir Family Foundation has the following goals:

1.      To honor the first mother of the family: Corina Desir.

2.      To honor the fathers of the Desir family (we hold our family reunion on the Saturday before the Haitian Fathers Day).

3.      To keep all members of the extended Desir family to stay connected, to have good relationship and fellowship.  

4.   To motivate all members of the family to get a good education (in every family reunion, we honor those who graduate).

5.      To encourage all members of the Desir Family to be good and responsible citizens.


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